A Video of abusing Dalits by a woman while praising PM Modi went viral; viewed 90000 times

May 15 2019 04:30 PM
A Video of abusing Dalits by a woman while praising PM Modi went viral; viewed 90000 times

In a recent buzz, it has been 69 years since India adopted its Constitution which abolished discrimination based on caste and promised to build an equal society. But in some corners of the country, casteism still prevails and comes out in vile ways. An oft-heard gripe of the upper castes is that caste reservations have taken away educational and employment opportunities from their communities, giving an unfair advantage to the SC, ST and OBC communities.

It is to be noted that a video has now gone viral on social media that displays the same casteist mentality that plagues Indian society. A woman, yet to be identified, is seen using derogatory terms for Dalits in a video gone viral on Twitter. In a video posted by Twitter user @nadeemNBT, the woman abuses Dalits for taking government jobs away from the upper castes. She claims reservations have created a caste imbalance in society.

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to be noted that in her 40-second rant, she repeatedly refers to Dalits as 'Ch****', a slur used to describe someone who is untouchable according to the caste system. You can see the video here:

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What makes the diatribe worse is that she continues to smile as she abuses the community. "I am not able to get a government job...should have been born a ch****. At least I would have gotten a government job," she says. Asserting the 'rightful place' of Dalits in the caste hierarchy, she goes on to say, "Ch**** have been seated here [points to the top of her head] and the position of general castes has been lowered." Then comes one last shocker -- "Ch***** are ch*****. They don't have any social standing."

The woman then goes to comment on her political affiliations. She says she "loves" Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The video ends with her abusing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. At the time of filing this story, it had been viewed more than 90,000 times.

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