Woman builds relationship before marriage, then this happened

In the meantime, there has been a case from Indonesia where it proved very painful for a woman to have a relationship with her boyfriend before marriage. The duo was sentenced to 100 sentences and the woman's condition worsened to such an age that even after several attempts, she could not bear the sentence and fell unconscious in pain.

The case has come to light in Hoksyomawe, a city in Aceh province in Indonesia. The couple was being punished in front of the people. In the beginning, the woman suffered from the pain of a cane, but slowly-slowly lost her courage, and the punishment led to a time when the woman bowed down and then fainted.

According to the report received, the person who provided the room for the couple was sentenced to 75 lashes and two drunkards were also sentenced to 40-40 lashes in the case. In this case, Islamic Police Chief Zulkifil was supposed to say that the woman had to be taken away as she could not stand up after her sentence. The Islamic Sharia law has been enacted in the Ache region of Indonesia. It is the only area in this country where Sharia law is considered. It may be recalled that 50 lakh people live in this area. About 98 percent of them are Muslims.

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