Find out here today's Panchang, Shubh Muhurat and Rahukal

Aug 16 2019 09:37 AM
Find out here today's Panchang, Shubh Muhurat and Rahukal

Nowadays, it is considered to be the most auspicious to start your day by observing the Panchang and we have brought it to you today. It is said to get up every day in the morning and read the Panchang is considered auspicious. Panchang also gives the knowledge of auspicious and unlucky Muhurat and at the same time, the result of the work done during the auspicious time is good.

No work should be started in Rahukal, with the moon passing well by worshipping the Lord of the Moon and the Constellation. They say that Abhijit Muhurat is also very creditor. One must visit the temple every day.

Today's Horoscope: Know today's auspicious timing and Rahukal

Today's Calendar-
Date: Second again by 08:22 pm
Nakshatra-Dhandya11am Again Shatabisha

Karan-Balav07: 10 am again Kaulav
Sun Zodiac, Swamigraha-Moon
Lunar Zodiac- Kumbh Arash, Swami-Shani
Shubh Muhurat -Abhijit-Abhijit Muhurat -12 pm to 12:53 pm
Unlucky Muhurat -Rahukal-At 010:30 am to 12 pm

Find out here today's Panchang, Rahukal and Shubh Muhurat

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