Aanchal Shah, the young famous face of Gujarat is also saving souls through the pandemic

May 04 2021 12:18 PM
Aanchal Shah, the young famous face of Gujarat is also saving souls through the pandemic

Aanchal Shah has been working in the Dhollywood industry for quite a sometime now & has received the love from her fans always. She is loved for her beautiful smile & her lovely nature along with her acting skills. She has worked for multiple projects including few as a child artist and is also scheduled to work on few new projects in the coming times. 

Ms. Shah is a medical student and currently serving patients in the frontline helping through the pandemic. She has appeared in 'Gullak- the Piggy Bank' as a child artist 12 years back. Her recent projects includes movies alongside Pratik Gandhi in luv ni love storys. She has also managed to work her ways through projects like 'Madhratu Na Mor' by Aditya Gadhvi, 'Mane Lai Ja Tu' by Aishwarya Majmudar, 'Paisa Che To Prem Che' by Kinjal Dave, 'Afini' by Kushal Chokshi, 'The Chocolaty Song' & 'Safar' by Aamir Mir and many more. 

Aanchal has been also seen collaborating with multiple brands and is a fresh face in Dhollywood. She took a long break as she intended to complete her studies. After she completed her high school she decided to start working on her acting career and started scheduling herself accordingly. Since then she's working continuously. She made her comeback at the age of 17 & now in two years she has reached great heights.

This second wave of Covid 19 has increased the number of cases starting Mar’21. From doctors to medical student, everyone is fighting day and night to pull the situation. Aanchal being a medical student is working hard shifts every day as a Covid warrior to help the doctors and the patients to recover. She is putting a lot of her time at this stage working towards the betterment of the patients and plans to head back once the pandemic finds peace in the number of cases. 

Aanchal Shah’s message to all is simple ‘get vaccinated, stay home, follow government norms and things will be better.’ She has been added saying the only way to be safe is to stay fit and encouraging her to wear a mask at all times when outside and that she shall keep entertaining her fans always. 

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