Young man threw acid on a female doctor after drinking alcohol

Feb 14 2020 03:00 PM
Young man threw acid on a female doctor after drinking alcohol

At Hinganghat in Wardha district, the incident of burning the professor by sprinkling petrol had not been forgotten so far that an acid attack was done on the woman doctor in Savner last Thursday afternoon. In this case, doctor, student, and another woman also got burnt. Sources associated with the police, in this case, say that 'he is a drug addict and he has done this incident in intoxication '.

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In this case, the injured include Dr. Sophie Sayman (Nagpur), Gauri Sonekar (12) and Surekha Dilip Bande (40), both first-timers, Savner. At the same time, the three injured have been admitted to the Medical College Hospital in Nagpur. According to reports, Dr. Sophie is an assistant professor at the Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital (Mayo) in Nagpur and she came to Savner on Thursday under the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) project. In this case, Milind reached there while surveying with the health worker Gunwant Thackeray in the slum complex of Pahalpar and it is told that Milind was drunk with alcohol.

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He had a bottle of toilet cleaning acid in his hand. Saying 'I will spoil your face', he threw the bottle towards Dr. Sophie. In this case, his hands and feet were injured and the face of Surekha Bande and Gauri standing next to her arm was scorched. At the same time, the citizens caught Milind and beat him fiercely. After beating him, he was given to the police.

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