Actor Aman Singh swears by yoga for mental and physical health
Actor Aman Singh swears by yoga for mental and physical health

Being an actor is rewarding but it has its pros and cons. While a career in acting gives you name and fame, it is extremely demanding. It drains you physically as well as emotionally. Thus, it’s important for an actor to stay fit. Actor Aman Singh aka Amandeep Singh believes the best way to a healthy mind and body is yoga. Aman says yoga helps him to live a disciplined and balanced life. 

Sharing his fitness mantra, Aman Singh says, “In this industry, the lines are so blurred between the professional and personal life, your body tends to take on more than what it’s designed for. So, it is all the more important to align your mind and body. Constantly keep a check on your state of being. There are many disciplines one can follow to achieve this, for me personally, yoga works best.” 

Aman emphasises on mental health and says one should not get affected with the negative reviews. In fact, such reviews should motivate and challenge an actor to work harder. Aman Singh adds, “It is difficult to not get affected by negative reviews but it’s is important to not get demoralized. I try my best to focus on the constructive feedback part of it and look past the emotional bias.”

Further, talking about how he deals with personality differences with his co actors, Aman says, “Yes, I have had personality differences with some of the people I have worked with. The best way to deal with it is not take it too personally and keep it professional. Keep in mind, at the end of the day, everybody is fighting some battle. I truly feel if a person prioritizes work over anything else, they will and shall find solutions to such situations.”

An Electrical Engineer by profession, Aman started his journey in the entertainment industry as a model. After being the face of several popular TV commercials, he did theatre which was followed by acting in films. Aman has worked in theatre project ‘A Sketch of New York’ and was also a part of campaign promoting Broadway musical ‘The Lion King’. He received Best Supporting Actor award at Cult Film Festival for his role in movie ‘Look In My Eyes’. 

Recently he was cast as Victor in a staged reading of the popular feminist play Yerma originally written by Federico García Lorca. Aman Singh’s upcoming projects include a show called ‘Narcissists of New York City’, a movie which is a teenage drama and a theatre production called ‘The Bacchae’ by Euripides.

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