Actor Manuj Tilakraj Gulati Explains Why One Must Prioritize Family Over The Other Things In Life

It is a known fact that celebrities spend years honing their craft. Amidst the busy schedule, all they work for is gaining immense perfection. Besides earning name and fame, the celebrities get their hands on the best luxuries of life. But at what cost? While many goals go beyond and become more important than family. However, a few actors choose their family over the glamorous life. Manuj Tilakraj Gulati is one such name for whom family comes above everything. 

The actor believes that it is important to strike a balance between personal and professional life. Being in the industry for almost two decades, he has understood how hectic an actor’s life can be. Right from shoots to brand endorsements to promotions, the actors have got a strenuous schedule. Manuj who has been a part of various films, short films and TV ads emphasizes the need for spending quality time with loved ones. 

“I have realised that in this world of glitz and glamour, celebrities get so fascinated that they forget the fine line between personal and professional life. Nothing is as pure as the family’s love”, quoted Gulati. However, the actor did not have a consistent run in the industry. In 2008, he took a break from acting to groom his management and entrepreneurial skills. Along with his stint as an actor, he even created another source of income by venturing into a business company called MG Enterprises. 

Manuj Gulati’s company is majorly into digital media and film production. After taking a sabbatical from the industry, the actor had been away from the lights, camera and action. But he is now all set to rage ever since he made a tremendous body transformation. Manuj furthermore revealed that the basic aspects of life should never be left behind. “Spending time with family and focusing on health is very important. Running too much behind materialistic things is also not good”, he added.  

To give an apt example, the actor explained that it took the COVID-19 pandemic to make everyone realise the importance of family. While working from home has become a new normal, the pandemic has strengthened connections and family bonds. Lastly, the actor stated that wealth can be created again, but the time spent with loved ones cannot come back. Well, we completely agree with Manuj Tilakraj Gulati as he perfectly sets an example of being a true family man. 

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