Actress Chhavi Mittal calls out trolls for hate comments
Actress Chhavi Mittal calls out trolls for hate comments

Actress Chhavi Mittal was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. The actress has faced every step of the procedure including the testing, the therapy, and the healing stage. On social media, she has been quite vocal about her journey and has been updating her followers with her posts. The actress has received a lots of love and best wishes from her fans, but there are some people who also spoke negatively about her posts and pictures. Chhavi recently addressed the negative comments and gave her thoughts about them.

She wrote a long note and two pictures of herself. She said, "Here are 2 pictures which I shared on social media. The first one is my breast cancer announcement post, while the second is documenting my post-cancer recovery and progress. In both pictures, I’m wearing the exact same clothes. In both pictures my breasts are a tad bit visible. In fact in the first one, I’ve taken my T-shirt off.

While the cancer announcement post may have more of my breasts on display, emotional as I was (am) about the cancer, trying to fight the fear of what lay ahead.. whether I’ll ever be the same again, or will I lead a life of compromise… it incited a lot of love and applaud from netizens, with no mention (& rightly so) of the cleavage.

While fighting cancer, I mustered up all the courage that was within me, and decided that if anything, quality of life will be even better than it was pre-cancer.. coz after this fight if I survive, I’ll only be stronger than ever!

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