Aditya and Rani left Yash Chopra's bungalow, which is the main reason!

Jul 13 2019 05:35 PM
Aditya and Rani left Yash Chopra's bungalow, which is the main reason!

Aditya Chopra, an important member of Yashraj Films and producer-director, has always been away from the media. While his wife and actor Rani Mukherjee are rarely seen in the public post-marriage. Now the two have become a topic of discussion about their new home. Recently, Aditya and Rani have bought their luxurious home in the neighbourhood, leaving their ancestral home, father Yash Chopra's bungalow.

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In fact, Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee previously lived in a Juhu bungalow which belonged to Yash Chopra. According to a report, Aditya and Rani are now shifting to their new home and a few days ago, the two had also organized a home entrance to their new home.

The location of her new home is very close to Yash Chopra's bungalow, allowing Rani and Aditya to move to their old homes whenever they want. Aditya Chopra and her younger brother Uday Chopra have spent their entire childhood in the old bungalow. But now this house is being abandoned.

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Aditya and his wife shift to the Rani's new home because after marriage Aditya has to set his own home and live in his own home on his own terms. You also know that the Secret Marriage was conducted in Italy by Rani Aditya in 2014. While this function included none other than his family and friends. Rani gave birth to daughter Adira in 2015.

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