Afghan President Karzai calls for want inclusive govt, women's rights
Afghan President Karzai calls for want inclusive govt, women's rights

Kabul: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has stated that the development of an inclusive administration and respect for women's rights is the will of Afghan population, not just the international world.

The international community's preconditions for considering recognition of the current Taliban government in Afghanistan include the formation of an inclusive government and the protection of human and women's rights.

Karzai said in a special meet on Sunday that in a letter to the Taliban government, he and Abdullah Abdullah, the former chairman of the high council for national reconciliation, called for political reconciliation and meetings with political leaders over holding a Loya Jirga (National Assembly) to pave the way for a clear destiny for the country. Instead of waiting for foreign solutions, the former President said that Afghans could find a solution to the country's current problems.

"We offered a political and national engagement process with some Afghan leaders, a summit with Afghan women present, and eventually a national process for hosting the Loya Jirga, which is our national and historic heritage," he said.

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