Facing starvation, some desperate Afghans are selling their kidneys

KABUL: Faced with poverty as a result of Afghanistan's lengthy humanitarian catastrophe and subsequent economic collapse, some people in Herat province have been compelled to sell their kidneys to feed their families, according to a media report.

According to the reports, residents of the Injil neighbourhood have sold their kidneys on the black market for a pittance in order to survive in the midst of poverty. "If someone buys our kidneys, we sell them to provide food for our children," one of the residents said.

Children and women are among those who have sold their kidneys.Although it is against the law in the country to sell organs or body parts, some families claim they have no other options for survival.

Last year, the sale of kidneys in some sections of Herat attracted headlines due to poverty.

However, with a horrific humanitarian disaster looming in Afghanistan, foreign leaders and policymakers are paying attention to the warning.

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