These 4 countries will help in onion supply in India, prices will be reduced

Nov 06 2019 10:28 AM
These 4 countries will help in onion supply in India, prices will be reduced

New Delhi: Due to the reduced arrival of onion, its price has reached Rs 80 per kg, which has increased the expenditure on the common man's pocket. At the same time, in this regard, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has said that the government will encourage the import of onion from other countries so that its prices will fall. This decision was taken in the meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Tuesday.

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At the meeting, the committee again reviewed the availability and prices of onions. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs said that it has been decided in the meeting that the Central Government should promote the import of onions. Indian Missions in Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran have been asked to supply onions to India. It is expected that soon 80 to 100 containers of onions will reach India from these countries.

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Be decided to import onions domestic availability refers to the absence of enough. The government is trying to supply onions in north Maharashtra and other southern states. In fact, in some parts of the country due to heavy rains and floods. The great damage to the onion crop and this has led to a reduction in the supply of onions.

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