'I'm waiting for the Taliban to come and kill people like us'

Kabul: Different stories have been emerging since the start of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Afghanistan's first and youngest female mayor, Zarifa Ghafari, has now explained the situation since the beginning of the Taliban rule. Zarifa Ghafari has said that there is no one to help them, we are just waiting for the Taliban to come and kill us.

Zarifa Ghafari said, 'I am sitting here and waiting for them to come. No one is here to help me or my family. I am only with my husband and family. They will come and kill people like us.' All the top leaders of the government, including Ashraf Ghani, left the country, to which the 27-year-old mayor says, "Where should they go?" Just a few days ago, Zarifa Ghafari interviewed an international media institute in which she hoped Afghanistan would have a better future, but the dream was shattered on Sunday and the country is now under Taliban control.

Zarifa Ghafari became Afghanistan's first and youngest mayor in 2018. She was threatened several times by the Taliban. Zarifa's father, General Abdul Wasi Ghafari, was killed by the Taliban last year.  Zarifa is constantly assisting Afghan soldiers and locals. Zarifa had recently expressed hope that the youth would improve the future because they are knowing the world.

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