'African swine flu' attacks in the country amid Corona crisis, 250 died
'African swine flu' attacks in the country amid Corona crisis, 250 died

Guwahati: Right now doctors and scientists across the country are looking for ways to save people from the devastation of Coronavirus infection and a new problem has arisen in front of the country. Swine flu cases have started coming up in the country. The Assam government said on Sunday that the first case of African swine flu has been registered in the state and more than 2,500 pigs have been killed in 306 villages.

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Assam Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Minister Atul Bora said in a press conference that even after getting approval from the Center, the state government would adopt any other way to stop the spread of this deadly infectious disease instead of killing pigs immediately. Bora has stated that 'National High-Security Animal Disease Institute (NIHSAD) Bhopal has confirmed that it is African Swine Flu (ASF).

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He said that the central government has told us that this is the first case of this disease in the country. He further explained that this disease has nothing to do with coronavirus infection. According to the 2019 census by the department, the total number of pigs was about 21 lakh but now it has increased to about 30 lakh.

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