After 502 years this year, Buddha Purnima occurs in auspicious Yog, Know the Pooja Vidhi

May 18 2019 10:15 AM
After 502 years this year, Buddha Purnima occurs in auspicious Yog, Know the Pooja Vidhi

Today the Buddha Purnima will be celebrated with the Baisakh Purnima. According to astrology this year Buddha Purnima is also auspicious, because after 502 years on Buddha Purnima there is a rare yoga. On this day place programs will be organized in Braj. On the other hand, Gotham Buddha Inter College will be organized on Buddha Jayanti at mainpuri. Professor Ramkrishpal Singh Buddhist points out that Lord Buddha had embraced this day. It is for the first time since 502 years that Buddha Jayanti will be celebrated between the rare yoga of Mangal, Rahu-Ketu and Saturn. The sun and the guru will also keep an eye on each other.

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This rare instance of Buddha Purnima was made on May 16, 1517, and 502 years ago. This kind of coincidence will be made after 205 years on 2 June 2224. Baisakh Purnima is also called Satya Vinayak Purnima. People also make charity Narayan God's story and donate charity also.

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Pandit says that after bathing in Baisakh Purnima, in a holy river, giving wealth to the poor, listening to the story of Satya Narayana God brings virtue. Water should be supplied with copper lace on Shivling and silver should be supplied with milk. Om Namah: Also should chant. Baths of the month of Baisakh also end from this day.


Baisakh Poornima is the special significance of Baisakh Poornima. It is considered sacred and beneficial in the future Puranas and Aditya Puranas. Distribution of dishes and desserts is considered to be equivalent to giving donation. The lamp of sesame oil should be lit during the worship of Lord Vishnu. By bathing in sacred rivers, keeping sesame in hand, the ancestors fulfill their desires and receive blessings.

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