After all, what led Jason to attack people, find out what's the whole matter

A video of famous singer Jason Derulo is becoming fiercely viral on social media these days. This video is not of any of his songs but it is being said of a fight. On Tuesday, Jason has been seen attacking two people in the lobby of a Las Vegas casino. In the video, you can also see that a person is also abusing Jason and calling him 'Usher'. In a video clip posted by TMZ Video, someone in the crowd shouts, ' why did you slap him?' and another man is heard abusing him.

Why Jason finally attacked: Seeing the video, it seems that the man is engaged in abusing the recording artist 'Usher'. Along with this, it is also being said that he has misunderstood Jason Derulo as an usher. Jason felt that he was seen abusing her. Perhaps at this point, Jason got furious and allegedly punched the man, breaking the security cordon. Seeing Jason being attacked, the bodyguards and other people around are also trying to remove him. Derulo is also believed to have erupted in anger when he was compared to Usher.

People defend: In the video, you can also see Jason Derulo attacking another person strongly and the man falls to the ground. The people there are trying to separate them. Meanwhile, the person recording the TMZ video can be heard shouting. This man says, 'WTF (WTF)! Don't touch my boy!'




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