How did Rukmini and Lord Krishna get married?
How did Rukmini and Lord Krishna get married?

The marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukamani is a famous story of love, courage and devotion in Hindu religion. This story is a symbol of the unbreakable love and bond between Dwarkadhish Shri Krishna and Rukamani, daughter of Vidarbha King.

Beginning of love:

Rukamani, was famous for her beauty, intelligence and devotion. He had heard many stories about Lord Krishna and developed a feeling of love and devotion towards him. On the other hand, Lord Krishna was also impressed by Rukamani's qualities and her devotion.

Organization of Swayamvar:

Rukamani's father, King Bhishmak organized a swayamvara for his daughter. He invited all the princes, including Shishupala, Chediraja. Shishupala, who was known for his power and pride, was keen to marry Rukamani.

Rukamani's message:

Rukamani did not want to participate in the swayamvara because she wanted to marry Lord Krishna. He sent a letter to Lord Krishna, expressing his wish and requesting him to come to the Swayamvara.

Arrival of Lord Krishna:

After reading Rukamani's letter, Lord Krishna boarded a chariot from Dwarka and reached Swayamvar. As he enters the swayamvara, Rukamani recognizes him and chooses him.

Abduction of Rukamani:

Rukamani's brother Rukmi, who was a friend of Shishupala, was angry with Rukamani marrying Krishna. He attempted to attack Lord Krishna, but Lord Krishna defeated him.

Joy of Marriage:

Lord Krishna took Rukamani to Dwarka on a chariot. A grand wedding ceremony was organized in Dwarka, in which all the gods, goddesses and kings and emperors were present.

Life of Rukamani:

Rukamani became the wife of Lord Krishna and lived a happy life in Dwarka. She was the beloved wife of Lord Krishna and had many sons.

Inspirational Story:

The marriage of Rukamani and Lord Krishna is an inspiring story of love, courage and devotion. It teaches that love can overcome any obstacle.

This story is relevant even today:

Even today, this story is relevant and inspires people. It teaches that we must always stand up for true love and pursue our dreams with courage.

This story teaches us:

  • power of true love
  • Importance of courage and determination
  • feeling of devotion and dedication

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