Who does Kapil Sharma like more than comedy? Comedian revealed himself.

For the past few days, the famous comedian of the entertainment world, Kapil Sharma, has been in the news for many reasons. Especially in the wake of his upcoming standup comedy show 'I'm Not Done Yet'. Kapil Sharma's standup comedy show is scheduled to launch on Netflix on January 28. Fans are getting very excited to see the short clips of this show. The comedian is also going to make his OTT debut through this show.

Recently, Kapil Sharma said that what does he like more than comedy in his life. Sharing the whole story, Kapil Sharma said, "I love my wife Ginni Chatrath more than what I have got in life till date. Kapil says that Ginni was in the girls' college in Jalandhar. She was about three or four years younger than me. I was doing my PG diploma in Commercial Arts and I was in dire need of pocket money. I always participated in theatres and went to another college. Ginni was my student and very talented too. Ginni was very good at skits, so I had made her my assistant. She also belonged to a good family. I still remember that she used to come to college on new cars and I used to come on my scooter.

Elaborating further, Kapil said that Ginni fell in love with me before, but I always had doubts because of my class difference that anything can happen. One of my friends told me that Ginni likes me a lot, but I didn't take her seriously. I didn't think it was possible for anything to happen between the two of us. But God was very good and I was lucky to be married to Ginni. I have always been very supportive of Ginni. I still remember that when I was in my very bad phase, I took the right direction in life. I was married to Ginni which was my first right decision. Today, I consider myself lucky to have two children. Fans are eagerly waiting for Kapil Sharma's Netflix special. The comedy special will stream on Netflix on January 28.

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