Hema did not wear white saree on the film set, reason made everyone emotional

The stories of Hema Malini and Manoj Kumar's movie 'Kranti' are always heard. In this movie, Hema Malini made such a mistake, after which movie actor Manoj Kumar also reprimanded her. The actor kept her sitting on the set for the whole day and did not shoot any scene. But why this happened?

Hema Malini has been in limelight since the beginning of her acting career. Sometimes she remains in a discussion about her professional life and sometimes about her personal life. Today we are going to give you information about the story that happened on the sets of Hema's movie. Hema Malini married actor Dharmendra in the year 1980. Meanwhile, Hema was shooting for the film Kranti. During this, she had to go to the set on the very next day of marriage. But on the very next day of marriage, she made such a mistake, after which Manoj Kumar reprimanded her.

It is about the time when Hema is busy shooting for two movies 'Kranti' and 'Razia Sultan' simultaneously. The very next day of marriage, Hema came on the set of shooting 'Kranti'. The actress asked Manoj Kumar to finish the shoot early and go home. Because she also had to shoot for her second movie. Manoj felt that she was giving more attention to Razia Sultan. But Manoj Kumar did not like Hema working in another film without telling him and he got angry with her.

According to media reports, Hema had to play the role of becoming a widow on the very next day of marriage. It is said that on the very next day of marriage, Hema Malini did not want to shoot the part of the widow wearing a white saree. That's why she deliberately didn't shoot that day. But Manoj Kumar was also very angry with her because she had signed another film without informing him. After this Manoj Kumar kept Hema sitting at the site for a whole day and not a single scene was shot for the whole day.

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