Why is PM Modi's picture on corona vaccine certificate?
Why is PM Modi's picture on corona vaccine certificate?

New Delhi: The Central government has made a statement on PM Narendra Modi's photograph on the vaccination certificate issued after receiving the Corona Vaccine. The government says PM Modi's picture on the certificate has been put up for one reason and this is the reason to make people aware. Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Bharti Pawar said that the certificate spreads awareness about following all protocols to prevent the corona epidemic even after taking the vaccine.

In fact, in the Upper House of Parliament, the Minister was asked whether it was necessary and mandatory to print pictures of PM Modi on the Covid Vaccination Certificate. In response, Pawar said that the draft Covid-19 vaccination certificates are as per standard and are in accordance with world health organization (WHO) guidelines. He said his message with pm Modi's picture in vaccination certificates creates awareness about the importance of following corona protocol even after vaccination in the larger public interest. It is the moral responsibility of the government to ensure that such important messages are transmitted to the people in the most effective way.

Bharti Pawar further said, 'All states and Union Territories are using the Cowin app for corona vaccination and vaccination certificates are prepared in a standard format through Covin.' Earlier, PM Modi's picture on the vaccination certificate had created a political controversy. While the states were buying vaccines from the Centre, many state governments issued vaccine certificates along with photographs of the Chief Ministers of the states.

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