After becoming a mother, Anushka Sharma told the pain of a working mother

Bollywood actress and cricketer Virat Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma, who became the mother of a daughter last year, is all set to return to Bollywood these days. However, in the meantime, she is trying to strike a balance between her professional life and motherhood. Let us tell you that while returning to work after giving birth to Vamika, Anushka talked about the life of working women. Yes and now they say that people do not understand the feelings of a working mother, while with a professional life, it is not easy at all to handle a child! She said in a conversation with 'Harper's Bazaar' magazine, "I want to enjoy my life.

I enjoy acting in films. I never want to leave it, but it is definitely difficult for women to strike a balance between work and life. It's a rat race, and you just have to be a part of it. But I am faster than a mouse in the rat race." She further said that, 'After becoming a mother, a feeling of respect towards mothers has developed in her heart even more.' At the same time, Anushka said, describing the society as 'male dominated', 'People do not understand the feelings of working mothers. I don't think people understand the life and feelings of a working mother, because the world is male dominated.

But I am a woman, even then I did not understand it until I became a mother. Today, I have a strong sense of great respect and love for women. I have always spoken for women, but feeling love and compassion for the cause makes it very powerful. Along with this, she also said that, 'She wants people to understand more about working mothers.' Anushka said, 'I wish women got more support in their workplace. While I know many men who are kind and sympathetic towards women. I wish we collectively paid more attention to how important raising a child is to the world.' You all know that after a long break, Anushka is going to appear in the film 'Chakda Express'.

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