After Digvijaya Singh, now this congress leader seeks proof of surgical strikes

Bhopal: After former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, another Congress leader Rashid Alvi has sought proof of the surgical strike. Rashid Alvi supported Digvijay Singh and said that the government says that they have a video of the surgical strike, so they should show this video. If they don't have the video, they should apologize for lying.  

According to the report received, Rashid Alvi said that we have faith in our army, and surgical strikes. The army is our pride. We believe in them. But the BJP-led central government cannot be trusted. He said that the government is saying that we have the video. So Digvijay Singh has just said that if there is a video, then show it. Apologies if there is no video. When the government said this, we have the video.

Rashid Alvi said, our question is not with the army. The army never gave a statement regarding this. But our question is to Amit Shah, who said that 250-300 people died, now Sushma Swaraj is not with us, he said that we did strike at such a place where no one gets killed. Our question is to the CM of Uttar Pradesh, he is saying that 400 people have died. Whom to believe, they are all government people. The military is not the army wing of the BJP. We believe in the army. Every countryman is proud of them. Rashid Alvi said, if Digvijay Singh is asking to show the video, then where is the problem with it? We are saying just show us the video. The Congress leader said that if Digvijay Singh has demanded that the Pulwama case should be investigated, So what's wrong with that? When he was asked why Rahul Gandhi distanced himself from Digvijay Singh's statement. He said that we have faith in the army and we do not want any proof. On this, Rashid Alvi said, I have neither seen nor heard Rahul's statement. I don't want to comment on that. Party leaders have the right to keep their point.

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