After removing the clothes of the journalist, the police gave clarification, said- 'Don't commit suicide, that's why you did it'

Sidhi: In the Kotwali police station of Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, the matter of removing the clothes of the reporter has gained momentum. The IG of Rewa zone has attached the line to the station in-charge and a sub-inspector in this incident. Congress has also become an attacker in this incident. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi termed it as a 'disappearance of the fourth pillar of democracy in the lockdown'.

In fact, a case was registered against journalist Kanishk Tiwari and other persons under section 151 at the Kotwali police station of Sidhi. The incident is related to BJP MLA Kedarnath Singh. Journalists and theater workers were made to undress at the police station and were locked up in their underwear.

In this incident, the cleanliness of the station in-charge Manoj Soni has also come to the fore. Manoj Soni said that the people caught are not completely nude. He is wearing underwear. We keep the culprits in underwear in the lock-up for the sake of security. The culprits can also hanged themself if they are fully clothed. there are many such incidents. Many such incidents are also happening. That's why we had his clothes taken off.

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