Research will be done on TB and Polio vaccine against war with Corona
Research will be done on TB and Polio vaccine against war with Corona

Washington: The fear of the Coronavirus is increasing worldwide, while on the other side, doctors from all over the world are engaged in finding medicines for the Covid-19 virus, where it is being tested in Scientific Tuberculosis (TB) and polio vaccine in America. We are assessing whether this will provide limited protection against Corona or not. According to a report by The Washington Post newspaper, tests are being done to find out whether the TB vaccine will slow down the speed of coronavirus effect or not yet. 

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The newspaper quoted Geoffrey de Cirillo, a professor of disease immunology at the Texas A&M Health Science Center, as saying that this is the only vaccine in the world that can currently be used to combat the coronavirus. Other researchers writing in a scientific journal have also proposed to use the polio vaccine. Vaccines developed against TB and polio have already been used in millions and may present a low-risk approach to giving birth to the body's first line of defense, ie the first line of defense. These include the innate immune system, which can be helpful in fighting viruses such as the coronavirus.

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According to the information found, these vaccines are made in such a way that the immune system can be developed to the memory of a particular pathogen. It also acts to weaken the pathogens. In addition, it can activate other components of the immune response to fight other infections, including respiratory infections. According to the Washington Post, the motive behind this is not to stop Covid-19, but to reduce the severity of pathogens and to prepare the immune system to fight the virus. According to the newspaper, if these vaccines work, then they are able to provide protection in the second wave of coronavirus.

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