Ahmedabad became death spot of Coronavirus

Jun 13 2020 11:46 AM
Ahmedabad became death spot of Coronavirus

Ahmedabad: Corona continues to wreak havoc across the country. But there are some states where the effect of corona is being seen more. Gujarat is also included in the most affected areas of Corona. After the lockdown, the coronavirus cases are increasing every day in the unlock phase. Corona cases are also increasing rapidly and worryingly in Ahmedabad.

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The death rate of the corona is high in Kolkata as well as in the country. While the death rate in Kolkata is 9%, the death rate in Ahmedabad is currently 7.1%. Ahmedabad remains the death spot of Corona these days. In Ahmedabad, 7 people are dying out of every 100 cases. Ahmedabad is also considered to be the death spot of Corona because while the death rate was 5% till last month, it has now increased to 7.1% which means that in cases of death, this city is growing at a rapid pace.

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In Gujarat, it is 9.16% when it comes to corona mortality. In the last 84 days, a total of 1385 people have died in Gujarat from Corona, while 1117 of these deaths have occurred in Ahmedabad alone. Talking about the last 10 days, then in Gujarat, 309 people have died due to corona, in which 250 people have died in Ahmedabad alone. The biggest concern in Ahmedabad is that there are 1797 people suffering coronas per million here.

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