Air India restarts US flight operations from today after 5G roll out

New Delhi: Air India began B777 operations to the country on Thursday after receiving authorisation from the US authority, according to airline officials. Air India had already cancelled more than eight flights to the United States due to the 5G rollout.

"Air India has received approval from Boeing to fly the B777 in the United States. As a result, the first flight to John F Kennedy took off this morning. Chicago and San Francisco are two other destinations with planes departing during the day. Arrangements are being made to transport stranded passengers. The issue with the B777 flying into the United States has been resolved "Air India stated.

Following the launch of 5G cellular networks in the United States, India cancelled eight Air India flights to and from the US on Wednesday. "We will not be able to operate the following flights on January 19, 2022 due to the implementation of 5G connectivity in the United States," Air India said.

The Federation of Indian Pilots (FIP), which represents 6,000 pilots, has recently voiced worry over possible 5G wireless signal interference with sensitive aircraft equipment such as radio altitude metres, which could jeopardise aviation safety.

"It's critical to properly comprehend and mitigate the risks of 5G signal interference with radio altimeters, which are critical components of aircraft security systems. The activation of these services, we hear, is part of India's select list of priorities. Soon to be available in cities, "According to the FIP letter of January 4. In addition, FIP stated in the letter that if 5G is deployed, pilots may encounter safety concerns when flying.

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