What is 5G that led to the cancellation of US flights of Air India?
What is 5G that led to the cancellation of US flights of Air India?

5G Internet Service is being implemented at US airports today i.e. Air India's flight service is going to be affected due to this. Let me tell you all that 5G cellular technology has the latest technology and is the next version of the 4G network. Let me tell you all that in 5G users will see more speed, less latency and more flexibility. Now, today, we are going to tell you about this.

What is 5G- Actually used to focus on earlier cellular technology connectivity? However, 5G cellular technology will go a step further and connect the client to the cloud. In fact, 5G will regulate one single digital signal in different channels through a new process. This process is called OFDM and OFDM ensures that there is minimal interaction in the signal. 5G network will not cover the spectrum of 4G.

In fact, it will use a 5GNR (New Radio) air interface and will also use more bandwidth technology such as mmWave and sub-6 GHz bands. Apart from speed, 5G is also going to be useful in many places. In fact, connectivity is also going to be great and 5G technology will also open up new avenues for driverless cars, healthcare, virtual reality, cloud gaming. On the other hand, according to Qualcomm, 5G has so far given a global economic output of $13.1 trillion. Under the information received, latency in 5G will also be less visible. It can go up to 1ms latency. At the same time, when it comes to a peak speed of 5G, it is up to 20 GBPS. Yes and 5G uses all kinds of the spectrum to get this speed.

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