Akshara Singh takes a class of aashiqs

One of the most beautiful actresses of the Bhojpuri industry, Akshara Singh is making a new achievement every day. Recently, Akshara's song Don't Touch My Hand has garnered more than 300 million views. Akshara's don't know how many such songs are there, which have been seen breaking  new records every day in terms of views.  

Akshara's song goes viral: Akshara Singh is one of the actresses in the Bhojpuri industry, whose new and old songs start going viral on social media. Similarly, nowadays a song of Bhojpuri Queen is simply sharing a lot on social media. In this music video, fans are getting to see the dabangg look of the beautiful Akshara.


This song of Akshara was released not today, but 6 months ago, which has become very popular among the people again today. The video has also garnered over 350,000 likes and 26,227,341 views so far. In the music video, the Bhojpuri queen is sometimes seen showing off her performances, then sometimes sitting on the bullet, she was seen scolding the ashikas. Let us know that there are very few Bhojpuri music videos, which have been filmed in a very  good way. The song 'Bas Yehi Khati Ara Jani' is said to be one of the few best songs. The kind of shoot of this song is kabile-e-compliment. Along with acting in the song, Bhojpuri queen Akshara has also given her voice to it. The lyrics of the song have been written by Vishnu Vishesh. At the same time, the music has been given by Roshan Singh. Recently Akshara Singh's Rocket Jawani song was also released, which has been loved by the fans. This is just the beginning. Look back and forth to see how far Akshara's popularity goes.  

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