Know how much Akshay Kumar spend in one month

Sep 27 2020 05:16 PM
Know how much Akshay Kumar spend in one month

Who doesn't know bollywood-renowned actor Akshay Kumar in today's time, he always remains in discussions because of one thing or the other. He has so far given more than one film to the film industries, not only has he won the hearts of his fellows with his acting.But today we are going to tell you a few key things about Akshay Kumar. So let's know about it. 

As you will all know, the lives of Bollywood stars are full of glamour. For most stars, it is common for late night party, champagne, food in large and expensive hotels and shopping for crores of rupees. But Akshay Kumar lives away from all these things and prefers to live a simple life.

He said during one of his interviews, he has only ₹ 3000 to spend in 1 month. Most of them are saved from their money. Where he said, "I don't have a personal expense because drinking food during shooting is found on behalf of production and I wear clothes as well as shooting." Akshay Kumar uses most of his earnings to help the farmers and the afflicted.

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