A unique village where never rains
A unique village where never rains

There are astonishing places on earth, which shocks everyone. Like the village of Masinram in Meghalaya, where it rains the most in the world, but have you ever heard of any place where it never rains. It is not that this place is a desert, but it is a village where people live. The name of this village is Al-Hutayib, which is located in the Haraj area of the Directorate of Manakh, to the west of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. Tourists are often seen coming here and also enjoy spectacular views. So many beautiful houses have been built here on the top of the mountains, which people are left seeing.

This village is situated at an altitude of 3,200 meters above the surface of the earth. The atmosphere around the village is actually quite hot. Although the atmosphere is very cold in the morning during winter, but as the sun rises, people have to face summer. This village, which combines both ancient and modern architecture with rural and urban features, is now a stronghold of 'Al-Bohra or Al-Muqarma' people. These are called Yemeni communities. They come from the Ismaili (Muslim) sect led by Muhammad Burhanuddin, who lived in Mumbai. He used to visit this village every three years till his death in 2014.

The most special thing about this village is that it never rains here. The reason for this is that this village is situated above the clouds. Clouds form and rain down under this village. The view here is such that you have hardly seen anywhere.

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