Alana Pandey becomes pregnant without marriage, family shocked

There has been a piece of big news about Ananya Panday's cousin Alanna Panday. A few days ago, she got engaged to her boyfriend Ivor McCray and now she has shared the big news. In fact, Alanna is pregnant, and when she told her family about it, everyone was shocked. Well, this is not true news, but Alanna told her family about her false pregnancy. Alanna Panday is a YouTuber and has a huge fan following on social media.



In that case, she wondered why not do a prank, and that is why she spread the news of her false pregnancy. Alanna Panday and her boyfriend were the first to call their mother. Alanna Panday then tells her mother that she is pregnant. On hearing this, her mother exclaims how this can happen. You are neither engaged nor married yet. This is not possible. Alanna's next target after her mother was her father. She thought she would scare dad with the news like her mother.

However, Dad did not react after listening to his daughter. Alanna then told Cousin Ananya about it though Ananya Panday did not believe it, but Alanna was also lying with so much confidence as if she were true. Now, this fun video of Alanna is fast going viral.

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