Things You Need to Know about Alcohol and Exercise

Aug 10 2019 03:08 PM
Things You Need to Know about Alcohol and Exercise

As you exercise, you have to pay attention to things so that you don't waste your daily workout. Endorphin is more active in your body, so you feel the confidence. However, many people question whether you can drink during exercise, or how accurate it is and how it affects the body.

According to the strength coach, "Sometimes drinking one or two drinks is not a matter of concern for health. But if you're going on a particular fitness goal like Fat Los, you'll have to be a little stricter.' And many studies suggest that alcohol has a negative impact on weight training progress. The study found that alcohol inhibits growth hormones, so it is difficult to build muscle after exercise.

Alcohol is high in calories, so be sure to consider this aspect if you're losing weight. A 60ml whiskey pack contains 130.3 calories, equivalent to two chapatis. Fitness trainer Scott Herman says, 'Your body burns fat in two places – your liver and muscle tissue. But alcohol doesn't allow your liver to function properly, which doesn't burn fat.'

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