Recipe: Try Caramel Fruit Vegetable Salad

Aug 10 2019 11:56 AM
Recipe: Try Caramel Fruit Vegetable Salad

Whenever guests come to the house, you want to try something new so that they can also have a different meal. If you need to do something similar, then let's know 'Caramel Fruit Vegetable Salad' recipe by which you can easily impress by making at home. So let's know about this Recipe.

Necessary materials
- Mango Hardened Cooked 1
- Red Apple Cooked 1
- cheese 150 grams
- 4 Rings of PineApple
- Tomato Hardened Cooked Red 2
- Cucumber 2
- Lemon juice
- rock salt and pepper powder to taste

For Caramel Dressing
- 2 tbsp sugar
- 1 tbsp water
- ginger juice 1 tsp
- lemon juice 1 tsp


- Cut into cubes including mango peeling and apple rind.

- Cut pineapple, cheese, tomato seeds, and cucumber into a cube.

- Cook a teaspoon of sugar in water until brown on a slow gas to make caramel dressing.

- Remove it from the gas and add ginger and lemon juice and cool down.

- Now take a toothpick and add one cube each of tomatoes, paneer, pineapple, apple, cucumber, and mango first.  Add a cherry at the top.

- When all the sticks are ready, dip in the caramel dressing and lose in a whole cucumber, then serve.

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