Illegal alcohol trade In Bihar, police raids

Mar 29 2021 09:51 AM
Illegal alcohol trade In Bihar, police raids

Supaul: The liquor prohibition law is still going on in Bihar, even after this, liquor smugglers are not stopping selling illegal liquor by adopting different tricks. Wine smugglers have become more active especially with the festival of Holi. In this sequence, thousands of liquor have been seized again from the shop sealed in the liquor case 7 months ago in Supaul district of Sunday province. In such a situation, the police again sealed the second gate of the shop and took the liquor in its possession. This case is of a shop located in Katin Chowk in Pipra police station area.

It has been learned that a huge quantity of liquor was recovered from Pintu Singh's shop located in the said Chowk 7 months ago. Taking action in this case, the shop has been sealed further by the Ministry of Utilities. However, the liquor sale business was being conducted by the shop owner in the seal shop.

When the police came to know about this, they raided the shop and recovered 630 bottles of liquor. Not only this, the sealed shop has 2 doors. A door has been sealed before 7 months. While using the other door, the shop owner was doing business of illegal liquor indiscriminately. At the same time, it has been learned that in such a situation, the police investigated again. At present, the police has registered another case against the accused and started an investigation. Police say a separate FIR was filed in this case. In this case, action will also be taken separately.

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