Husband, who was becoming snag in midst of his wife's illegal relation, murdered

Mar 28 2021 03:29 PM
Husband, who was becoming snag in midst of his wife's illegal relation, murdered

Jhalawar: A shocking case has come to the fore from Rajasthan where a man was strangled with a knife and brutally killed. When the police disclosed the case, everyone's senses flew. The police said that due to an illegal relationship with his sister-in-law, the younger brother killed his brother by cutting his throat. The case is from the Sarkhandia area of Panwar police station in Jhalawar city.

Disclosing the same case, Khanpur DSP Rajiv Parihar said that the deceased person, Balram's younger brother Sanjay, had an illegal relationship with his sister-in-law. In the police interrogation, the offender said that the deceased person was in an illegal relationship with his sister-in-law.

Subsequently, the younger brother, the culprit of the murder, took his elder brother to the forest of Sarakhandia by making excuses and strangled him mercilessly, and slaughtered him mercilessly. After the incident, the killer's brother also went to the spot to mislead the police. After the call detail and investigation in the case, the police reached the killer brother Sanjay and took the younger brother in custody. In the police interrogation, he has confessed his crime. Now the police are investigating the role of the wife of the deceased in this case.

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