Criminal shoots in Philadelphia, 4 people injured

Mar 28 2021 11:18 AM
Criminal shoots in Philadelphia, 4 people injured

Washington: A man has begun fire on a crowd outside the bar in Philadelphia, U.S.A. Seven people have been injured. Out of these, 4 are in critical condition. The incident took place on Friday evening. Police are currently searching for the attacker. The age of those seriously injured in the firing is 42, 23, 21, and 18 years. The condition of a 21-year-old youth and two 17-year-old children is stable. No arrest has been made in the case so far.

Local media said golf and social sports bars were very crowded. This place is near the busy living Delaware Avenue in the city. In the meantime, a man began to fire on a mob with a handgun. Police rushed to the spot and found 2 injured in a store and 2 in the bar. Three others went to the hospital from their vehicles. Police officials said the surveillance video saw several people around an SUV and white car. All these are present in the parking lot of reverse casinos. Later, they have gone out of a grey car. Police said they have been given two handguns in the SUV later. The white car is about to be found out that it was stolen.

Before the incident, two boys on a bike in Philadelphia were shot. One of them was killed. A suspect is being searched for in that shooting. Police believe there is no connection between the two incidents. There have been incidents of crowd firing in the US from 16 to 22 March.

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