VIDEO: Alcoholic husband beats his wife for Rs. 10

A variety of videos go viral on social media. Sometimes there are some videos that win hearts and sometimes there are some videos that spoil the mind. Now the video that is going viral right now is mind-rending. The video is from Shravasti district of Uttar Pradesh which is currently going viral on social media.


In this video, you can see a husband beating his wife because he did not pay for the drink. The video is said to be from Shravasti district of Uttar Pradesh. In it you can see an addict husband beating his wife badly. The video is said to be from Machrihwa village of Thana Kotwali Bhinga. When the wife did not give her money to her husband for drink, he was angry that the husband was beating his wife with sticks. Meanwhile, the crying wife begs saying, "She has just taken Rs. 10 from his pocket"

Meanwhile, there are also voices of crying children who have made a video of the incident. The video of the incident is being shared on social media and has been carrying shocking reactions. Now that the video has gone viral, people are asking uttar pradesh police to take action against the man.

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