"Intoxicated Man Sets Own Bike Ablaze: Shocking Incident in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh"

A video surfaced on social media, on platform X (formerly Twitter), showcasing a startling incident in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. In the footage, a young man, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, is seen setting his own bike ablaze on the roadside. The caption accompanying the video highlighted the dangers of alcohol consumption, stating, "Drinking alcohol is harmful to your bike too.

An intoxicated man set his own bike on fire.The youth had come out of the liquor shop after drinking alcohol." The incident sparked widespread concern among netizens, who condemned the destructive consequences of alcohol abuse. Many voiced their outrage and called for action against the individual responsible for the reckless act. Furthermore, there were discussions regarding the potential hazards posed by such behavior, emphasizing the importance of addressing alcohol-related incidents promptly. Following the viral spread of the video, authorities, including the Uttar Pradesh Police, took notice and initiated an investigation into the matter.

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