Alert issues on Play Store for these apps

Oct 30 2020 04:04 PM
Alert issues on Play Store for these apps

Consumers who are fond of Gaming Apps should be cautious. Cybersecurity firm Avast has warned about 21 adware gaming apps on the Google Play Store. According to the cybersecurity company, these 21 apps are part of the Hidden Aids family trojan. The company says that at present, Google is still getting reports of adware gaming apps. In the data given by the sensor tower, it has been said that these 21 apps have been downloaded 80 million times from the App Store.

Avast claims that the promotional content of many of these adware gaming apps was seen on YouTube and the rest of the social media platform. After downloading it from the Google Play Store, they do not show the things that they are promoting, but it is sure that they fill the users' phones with useless advertisements.

Check here the complete list: -
1. Shoot Them
2. Crush Car
3. Rolling Scroll
4. Helicopter Attack - NEW
5. Assassin Legend - 2020 NEW
6. Helicopter Shoot
7. Rugby Pass
8. Flying Skateboard
9. Iron it
10. Shooting Run
11. Plant Monster
12. Find Hidden
13. Find 5 Differences - 2020 NEW
14. Rotate Shape
15. Jump Jump
16. Find the Differences - Puzzle Game
17. Sway Man
18. Desert Against
19. Money Destroyer
20. Cream Trip - NEW
21. Props Rescue

However, he has not been accused of data theft. These 21 apps have been downloaded more than 8 million times. It has been said about these apps that such adware comes with malicious code less dangerous than other malware.

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