Alex Arteaga And Brandon Delgado Take Gaming To The Next Level. Here’s All You Need To Know!

Alex Arteaga And Brandon Delgado Take Gaming To The Next Level. Here’s All You Need To Know!

Gaming has been something which is loved by one and all, right from children to the adults. One such renowned gaming company, ‘Most Wanted eSports’ which goes by its social media name as ‘@MWeSports’ is currently the best name among the gaming freaks. With more than 100,000 followers on Twitter alone, the company has been professionally associated with multiple games like ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Rainbow 6 Siege’. Alex Arteaga and Brandon Delgado are the masterminds behind this gaming company who are improvising game with the best graphics by using the latest technology.

Talking about creating such games for the users, Alex said, “We always wanted to create a game which is loved by everyone. I am happy that people are liking our work and we are really glad to progress in this field. Our main mission is to make a game which is not just a graphical treat for all the gaming lovers, but also make something which bridges the gap between a game and the reality”. They also have another gaming company named ‘eRa Eternity’, a leading name in the industry.

The gaming company has got more than 200,000 followers on Twitter and more than 160,000 subscribers on YouTube. eRa is surely captivating everyone’s attention in really less time. The concept of bringing reality and virtual world together by Alex and Fuze in 2012 would have not been possible if eRa and eSports would have not come together. Currently, both of them are closely working together on many games and are all set to launch a lot of games for its users in the coming years.

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