Here's Why: Alia Bhatt co-star of Hearts of Stone Gal Gadot, and Jamie Dornan can't stop laughing
Here's Why: Alia Bhatt co-star of Hearts of Stone Gal Gadot, and Jamie Dornan can't stop laughing

As the movie's release date draws near, members of the A-list cast, including Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhatt, and Gal Gadot, are actively promoting it. In a recent video that Gal Gadot posted on Instagram, the three actors, together with Matthias Schweighöfer, made 15-second teases about their next movie without giving anything away. Alia's stumble and amusing noises while dropping the hints, however, had her co-stars in stitches.

Tom Harper is the director of Heart of Stone, which stars Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt, and Jamie Dornan in the key roles. The protagonist of the movie is Alia Bhatt's mysterious hacker Keya Dhawan, who must be stopped from stealing an important weapon from Rachel Stone, played by Gal. The movie's trailer was shown at the Brazilian festival called Tudum 2023. On August 11, the movie will become available on Netflix.

Gal Gadot's "We are the cast of Heart of Stone" statement opened the clip. "We are going to try and tell you everything you need to know about the film in 15 seconds, without any spoilers," Alia said thereafter. The cast then described the movie in a variety of ways. Initially, Jamie said "explosions," followed by Gal saying "parachute ski jumping," Alia said "Gal Gadot," and Matthias said "MI6." More phrases were used in this talk, including "Jack of Hearts," "Sabotage," and "Poisoned Knife Fight," which Alia mispronounced and laughed about. Instead of saying anything as the 15 seconds were about to expire and it was her turn again, Alia made strange, comical noises. Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan were in tears about it.

Gal captioned the post with, “15 seconds is not enough!!!”. The fans found Alia endearing and were left impressed with Alia’s attempt at not faking an accent.

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