"All have right to protest, but none can arm-twist me": Arif Khan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan stated on Tuesday that everyone has the right to protest but he will never buckle under pressure. He was unfazed by the protest march organised by the ruling CPI-M-led Left supporters against him.

"Everyone has the right to object, but they cannot force me to do anything. I'll work diligently to complete my tasks "said Khan, presently in Delhi.

Earlier in the day, thousands of Left-leaning supporters surrounded Khan's official residence because Khan refused to sign any bills or ordinances pertaining to the higher education sector, which angered Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his staff. However, neither Vijayan nor any of his cabinet members joined the protest.

Khan claimed he had no grudges towards anyone and was merely advocating for the higher education field.
"I became frustrated since interference persisted despite their assurances to me. It is not possible to meddle in university affairs now that the Supreme Court and Kerala High Court judgments have been rendered. I will quit if somebody can bring out just one incident in which I stepped in, but I can think of hundreds. The departments of political parties cannot operate within universities, "added said.

Khan explained his disappointment by stating that talented students from Kerala are now leaving the state due to the current circumstances.

"In Kerala, it takes more than five years to complete a four-year course. According to Bharath Ratna Prof C.N.R. Rao's letter, research in Kerala universities has ceased as talented students leave the state "said Khan.

He reaffirmed the manner in which Vijayan's office operates and made note of the fact that the private secretary is acting independently and attempting to appoint his unqualified and underqualified relative as university faculty.
"I want to ask the Chief Minister some questions on several bills, and I'm waiting for him to arrive and explain. They won't come because they are aware that what they did was wrong "said Khan.

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