All you want to know about SANJHALIKA SHOKEEN: A successful Youtuber

YouTube can be a wonderful space to get your much-needed dose of a mood booster, positivity and energy! Well, all you need to do is follow the right kind of content and you're good to go. One such content creator whose content serves the daily dose of entertainment and uplifts mood is Sanjhalika Shokeen.

Sanjhalika Shokeen started her YouTube journey with Pankaj Sharma on his channel BakLol Video back in 2016. Her starting was tough, many people criticized her but she persistently focused on her goal. Her first video was ‘Hawabazi in Front of girl‘ published on 27 August 2016. Since then she consistently appearing on BakLol videos and over the period of time people started acknowledging her work and today she is one of the successful YouTuber.

In 2019, Saljhalika created a self-titled YouTube channel ‘Sanjhalika Vlog’ where she posts her lifestyle, travel, funny challenges and behind the scenes but later she started uploading comedy content as well. Due to which the growth of her channel increased significantly. Her most popular videos are ‘Badi Behan vs Choti Behan‘ reached 54M views, ‘Rich Mom vs Normal Mom‘ with 35M views, ‘Rich Girl vs Normal Girl‘ with 24M views so far. She has crossed 1 million milestones on her channel. Currently, she has over 3m subscribers.

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