Tips that you can follow everyday to ensure good health !
Tips that you can follow everyday to ensure good health !

To look your best and feel good, here are some tips that you can follow everyday to ensure good health.

Eat healthy, that means eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Eat whole-grains and higher fiber foods. Have low fat dairy products. Depending on your age, you need between 800 and 1500 milligrams of calcium daily. Eating healthy can help you maintain a proper weight for your height.

Exercising can help keep your heart healthy. You need to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Aerobic exercises are also good for women’s health.

Avoid risky habits such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

To manage stress take a few minutes every day out of your daily schedule to relax. You can also manage stress with exercise, relaxation techniques and meditation.

Direct exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. Avoid going out in the sun or wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor. Even if you wear sunscreen, you should still check for skin cancer.

You should be on the lookout of any changes in your breast and go for a checkup immediately. Women 40 and above should get a yearly mammogram, as it is the most effective way of detecting cancer and can be treated at the earliest stage.

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