Wash face by mixing this thing in water in morning, will look young and fair

After waking up every morning, we all clean our faces, however, even after doing so, not everyone gets a permanent glow. In such a situation, the question in everyone's mind is what to do so that as soon as you wash your face in the morning, your skin starts to glow. And if you have this question in your mind, you can try these remedies. In fact, if you clean the face with alum water, then the face will look unblemished and shiny as well as the young.

How to make alum water - First of all you have to take a block alum. After that, take a big bowl of water. After that, dip the block of alum in water for 2 hours. Now mix the tea tree oil in it. After this, you should also add plain water to this water. Now clean your face immediately after getting up in the morning.

Keep these things in mind - if the skin is sensitive, then alum should not be used on the face at all. Apart from this, people who have dry skin should wash their face with alum water only once a week. People whose skin is very oily, wash their face with this water 3 times a week.

Benefits of washing face with alum water-
* If you wash the face with alum water, the vitamin-C found in it reduces the problem of pigmentation on the face to a great extent.
* Having anti-inflammatory properties reduces the inflammation of the skin.
* Alum water is perfect for removing pimples and swelling present on the face.
* Alum water is also good in the problem of skin tanning.
* Alum water also controls the excess oil of the skin and brings a glow to the skin.

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