This thing indicates the risk of Alzheimer

Aug 18 2019 11:06 AM
This thing indicates the risk of Alzheimer

Today's lifestyle shows people don't sleep at night and get a lot of sleep during the day. Sleepless at night due to lack of sleep during the day, it is very bad for health. If this habit increases, it refers to a type of brain disorder (Alzheimer's symptoms). Know about it. Know what the research says.

A recent study has shown that over-sleep during the day may be at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. In this study published at the University of California San Francisco, researchers measured the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in 13 dead people's brain-linked parts of Alzheimer's and then compared them to 7 people who did not have Alzheimer's symptoms.

Learn Alzheimer's Signs
In Alzheimer's disease, the brain weakens the parts that keep you awake during the day. This is why people suffering from Alzheimer's start taking excessive nap during the day before things come to a forgettable state.

This protein is guilty
The study also found that parts of the brain that wake up during the day are damaged by a protein called Tau. This proves that Tau protein plays a bigger role in Alzheimer's disease than the amyloid protein.

Do not take stress
There have been several researches that show that the risk of Alzheimer's increases manifold in people who are stressed. So if you want to avoid Alzheimer's, try to keep yourself free from stress. Live a stress free life and don't take stress at all.

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