Aman Gupta's Journey On Being a Renowned Producer

Born in 1994, Indian Entrepreneur & zoophilist Aman Gupta has worked his way up to success & today he is one of the most eminent personalities we have. Born and brought up in Delhi, he has been raised by his mother single-handedly who has worked in small roles in Soap Operas, Bollywood movies & Advertisements to raise her kids.

Today, Aman is the founder of JAMMIX RECORDS, DESI VIRAL RECORDS & AG VENTURES. Entrepreneurial success didn't come easy to him. He says, " I started my career as a junior artist at the age of 16. Doing multiple supporting roles in tv commercials, movies, TV soaps, documentaries, and theaters allowed me to gain several life lessons." Adding to it he says, " When you play a character, not only do you do your research about them but you also learn a lot from the character's journey & that helped me a lot in my success journey."

Contrary to people's belief, Aman had his share of failures. On asking more about his setbacks, he said, " At the age of 18, I tried which didn't become a huge success but it did allow me to learn a lot about risk-taking."

Today his music banners( JAMMIX RECORDS & DESI VIRAL RECORDS) are one of the most renowned brands. LAAL SUIT launched under JAMMIX RECORDS has become viral among netizens for all the right reasons. Sung by Haryanvi singer Manisha Sharma and starring Anjali Raghav, the song became a huge hit. Aman says, " The team has worked so hard to make this song a hit and we couldn't be more grateful for the amazing response of audiences."

Reportedly, several projects are under the pipeline on which Aman has been working diligently. By keeping the best interest of their audience in mind, the team is working to come up with new singles starring some fantastic casts. His Journey has never been a cakewalk but he has learned a lot from his setbacks. Upcoming days as a Producer can be tougher than anticipation but we are sure that Aman, with his experiential knowledge, will keep moving against all odds.


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