Amazfit is making a very special face mask
Amazfit is making a very special face mask

The demand for masks has intensified since the infection spread. Many people are using N95 masks and many people are wearing homemade masks. The government is also insisting on homemade masks. There is a problem with the mask to wash it and get it virus-free again, as even expensive masks such as the N95 become useless after 24 hours. A company owned by Xiaomi to overcome this problem. Huami is preparing to launch a mask that will automatically become disinfected (virus-free) under its brand Amazfit.

This self-disinfecting mask of Amazefit is named 'Aeri'. Now the question is how this mask can disinfect itself. So let us tell you that the vibration has supported ultraviolet (UV) light in it. This mask also has a plug for power supply which when connected to electricity, the mask itself is cleaned with ultraviolet light in just 10 minutes. However, with the help of Ultra Violet, only the inside of the mask will be cleaned. You have to clean the exterior.

This mask has standard filters of removable N95 masks, although the prototype is currently revealed for this mask. According to Huangmi's vice president of industrial design, Pengtao Yu, this mask takes six to 12 months to reach the market. Another feature of this mask is that it is transparent. In such a situation, there will be no problem in unlocking the phone with face unlock. This mask is being prepared with anti-fog material so that it does not evaporate due to breathlessness.

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