'Imam insults Islam...', accused stabbed during prayers in Bhari mosque
'Imam insults Islam...', accused stabbed during prayers in Bhari mosque

Washington: The Muslim community around the world is engaged in worship and fasting in this holy month of Ramadan; in the meantime, a surprising case has come to light from America. In fact, an imam was stabbed here while offering Ramadan prayers. The case pertains to the Umar Masjid in Patterson, New Jersey. This attack on Imam was done on Sunday (April 9) morning. About 200 people were present in the mosque for prayers when the 65-year-old imam was attacked. The attacker has been identified as 32-year-old Sherif Zorba. He is originally from Turkey.


According to the report, Imam Syed Elnakib has been badly injured in this attack. His treatment is going on. The people present in the mosque caught the attacker and handed him over to the police. During interrogation, the accused accused the imam of extorting money in the name of Islam. It is also being told that the attacker has come to this mosque twice before. According to media reports, the area where the Omar Mosque is located is one of the areas with the highest Muslim population in America. On Sunday, Imam Syed Elnaqib was offering congregational prayers with 200 people in the mosque at around 5:30 a.m. Meanwhile, the accused stabbed him twice. After the attack, the namazis present there nabbed the accused.

Imam has been admitted to the local hospital, St. Joseph's Medical Centre, where his condition is said to be stable. There was a hole in the imam's lungs due to the knife. According to a report, the attacker is originally from Turkey. He accepted the attack during interrogation. It is being told that the accused wanted to kill the imam by entering the house the night before. The accused says that the imam insulted Islam.

Local people have told that Serif is not a member of Jorba Masjid. However, it is also said that he had offered Namaz in this mosque before. Two videos regarding this incident are also going viral on social media. In the first video, the accused is seen attacking the imam during the prayers. After the attack, he tries to run away. In the second video, Namazi is seen being caught and thrashed. Expressing concern over the attack on the imam in the mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, the local councillor, Al Abdel-Aziz, has appealed to the Muslims for solidarity. Being alert after the incident, the police have increased the security of the nearby places of worship.

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