US 'warning' to India; Syed Akbaruddin said- 'It's not diplomacy language, its coercion'

New Delhi: US Deputy NSA Dalip Singh, who is on a two-day visit to India, has warned India. He said countries violating sanctions on Russia will also face serious consequences. He also said that the US does not want Russia's share in India's energy and other imports to increase. The U.S. deputy NSA didn't stop there. He also said that India should not expect that Russia will come to its rescue if China ever violates the LAC. Dalip Singh is said to be instrumental in deciding the US sanctions imposed on Russia after the start of the war on Ukraine.  

Dalip Singh's statement came at a time when Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also arrived on a two-day visit to India on Thursday. The US deputy NSA's statement has now started to create tension. Syed Akbaruddin, India's permanent representative to the UN, has criticised the US deputy NSA for using such words. He tweeted: "So this is our friend. This is not the language of diplomacy. It's a language of coercion. Someone should tell this person that unilateral punitive restrictions are a violation of international law.''

During this, US Deputy NSA Dalip Singh met Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Ringle. Due to this, Dalip Singh said that the US would not want any country to conduct financial transactions with the central banks of Russia. At the moment, India's import of energy (oil and gas) from Russia is by no means a violation of US sanctions, but the US would like India to find ways to reduce its dependence on "non-suppliers. We don't want to see a mechanism that works to advance the ruble (Russian currency) or weaken the dollar-based financial system.'' Dalip Singh also tried to threaten India by taking the name of China. He said Russia had said that China is its most essential strategic partner and it will have an impact on India. He said Russia is a junior partner in this partnership which is detrimental to India's interests. According to the report, during this visit, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is likely to talk to India about oil at a discount and trade-in rupees and rubles. Along with this, the S-400 deal is also being discussed.

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